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Social Intranet

In order to promote cooperation and communication, companies are increasingly introducing the "Social Intranet". Further names for these projects are "Enterprise 2.0", "Social Business" and more recently "Digital Workplace". More specifically, the following objectives are addressed:

  • Communication: The communication between employees is optimized; Completely independent of department or location.
  • Access: Internal knowledge resources can be pooled and knowledge can be made available optimally.
  • Speed: The internal dissemination of important information is carried out efficiently and quickly.
  • Organisation: Reduction of internal e-mail traffic.
  • Safety: Provision of a secure platform that bundles internal information.
  • Structure and overview: Simplifying processes, as all departments can access a shared database.
  • Efficiency: Promoting commitment and employee satisfaction.

Microsoft SharePoint is a strong online platform for the collaboration of employees and is often used in combination with Enterprise Content Manager in complex digital workplaces.

While SharePoint itself offers many useful functions, enterprises sometimes want to make individual adjustments and integrate business processes. In the end, every organisation is different, each company has different demands and their intranet should reflect their vision, mission and strategies.  

I am happy to help you design, plan and implement your social intranet within the framework of SharePoint or Office 365.

Standard Use Cases for your Social Intranet


In team rooms, communities of practice and across hierarchical boundaries


Finding and connecting to experts in the company


Efficiently searching and finding internal and external content

Be mobile

A mobile intranet increases the adoption rate

Inform myself

Following subjects, persons, communities and documents to stay proactively informed


Easy sharing of information

Social Tools for your Social Intranet


Microsofts Enterprise Social Network in The Cloud


Extensive social functions for SharePoint Online and Server

SharePoint Newsfeed

Simple social functions

I will support you choosing the best tools for the implementation of your social intranet.

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